At a previous Reunion, members of your association voted to sponsor a Commemorative Plaque to honor your ship and all who served in her.

The Plaque was designed by Walt Steffes, a former association president, whose wife Darlene, made and donated a wall hanging to raise money to be used toward the purchase of the Plaque.

After the plaque was completed, Walt and Rex Carter went to the NAVY Memorial in Washington, D. C. to place it on the Wall of Honor to be enjoyed by all.

Should you be in Washington, visit the NAVY Memorial, locate your ships Plaque, and also update your entry in the NAVY LOG if necessary.

Please send your tax deductible donations to Walt Steffes to help us complete paying for the Plaque.  You can contact Walt at

Thank you

Rex Carter

Rex Carter, Walt Steffe & Paul Haley (Director at NAVY Memorial)

Walt Steffes & Rex Carter

Walt Steffes