While the PERRY was in Drydock in Naples, Italy in 1965 the Snipes ( Engineering Crew Members ) adopted a puppy that they named Snipe.  Below are a few pictures of Snipe, Vince Dodds is looking for more pictures.  When I receive them I will add them.  Below is the story of Snipe as members of the crew remember it.  As you can see there are different versions, memories fade over time.  If I receive more information or pictures I will add it.


According to the “History of the Newman K Perry” DD-883/DDR-883 by A. Earl Horstman, Snipe was found by BT2 Mathis in a back alley in Naples.  He convinced BT1 Logan that the dog would make a good BT. They named the dog Snipe and received permission from Captain Bailey to keep him aboard NKP.  Snipe became the ships mascot.  A set of Dress Blues were made for him along with an Identification card and Liberty card that he seldom used, he was placed on the engineering watch quarters and station bill.  A set of practical factors was developed to ensure Snipe would be well trained.  Snipe advanced to Fireman (E-3) when he learned which was the cold boiler drip pan in the Forward Fireroom.  The cold drip pan was his station for each engineering evolution.  Snipe made BT3 when he learned to climb the ladder from the lower to upper deck of the Fireroom.  (However he was busted back to Fireman for crapping on the deck plates.)  Snipe was not dumb,in fact the Crew almost convinced BT1 Logan that the IQ of his Fire room increased when Snipe came aboard.  An example of Snipe’s intelligence was his ability to get to his General Quarters station from topside.  When GQ was sounded and he was somewhere else in the ship, other than the Forward Fireroom he would run to the Forward Fireroom scuttle, jump around and bark until some passing sailor helped him get below to the Fireroom.

            Snipe stayed aboard ship, without Liberty in Toulon, France at which time the Fireroom crew thought he was old enough for “amour”.  They dressed him in his Dress uniform and took him ashore to find a French poodle.  Upon clearing the gang-plank he spotted a patch of flowers and started eating them like a goat in a turnip patch.  His Liberty was cancelled and back aboard NKP he came – without even one drink, much less a French poodle.

            About two weeks later Snipe had an accident in the Fireroom and broke his hip. After the veterinarian fixed him up, his rating was changed to ASROC Gunnersmate and he was transferred topside to the ASROC gang, with a name change to Rocky.  He seemed happy at his new home on the open deck.  Also GMG1 McPhearson and GMG2 Brown tried to make him feel at home in his new surroundings.

            The weather started getting very cold in early December, 1965 and Rocky started looking for a warm place to sleep.  One of the best places was a passageway leading forward from the ASROC deck toward the Bridge.  This happened to be the same passageway that Commodore Britner’s Stateroom opened into.  Rocky found it warmer lying directly in front of the Commodore’s door where heat escaped through the crack under the door.  A well placed comment by the Commodore to the Captain about being unable to open his door because of a sleeping dog, led to Rocky being tied up on the ASROC deck.  Rocky let the entire Crew know of his displeasure by constantly barking.  The Crew recognized how hard it was for a free spirit like Rocky “a.k.a.” Snipe to be tied down so they awarded him permanent shore duty in New Hampshire as soon as NKP arrived state side.

            According to Vince Dodds the story is a little different, this is the story that Vince sent to me along with pictures.

While we were in dry dock in Italy I became friends with the cook for the dry dock workers.
His dog had puppies and I just had to have one, so one night I just sneaked him onboard the ship and hid him in the rag barrel down in the aft Fireroom till I could figure a way to have him accepted on board.

I first showed him to all the crew in the aft and Forward Fireroom and asked for some advise.

 We decided to go up through the ranks one at a time, first we introduced Snipe to Chief Machen
Who in turn introduced him to our engineering officer LT. Schlegel who hit the roof but once the chief calmed him down (that took a couple days) they came up with a plan that the captain might accept.

 They got someone onboard to make him a uniform, He received a navy ID card and a liberty card and presented all this to the executive officer who presented it to the captain and Snipe became part of the crew.

Upon returning to the states I was informed that Snipe would have to disappear because customs would not allow it and he would be confiscated, so I got hold of the first person going on leave when the ship docked and he took him home with him. I believe his name was Cormier BT3. I believe Snipe spent the rest of his life up in New England.
I received an e-mail when Snipe died of old age but I don't remember the year.


Here’s an interesting fact about Snipe I always took him on liberty with me and one night in Barcelona the shore patrol cancelled his liberty for having sex with a poodle in a bar. Another time me and Snipe were drinking beer at an outside table in Naples and this Nun started yelling at me for serving him beer, she took Snipe’s beer from him and came back with a bowl of milk. These are the only three photos I have of Snipe, I wish I would of taken one of him in uniform.


Below is an e-mail that I believe is from Lt. McMahan.

They found him in Naples and I believe was named Snipe.  The stewards liked to feed him and I think he left a pile outside the Commodores cabin once.  I also remember that he took a leak through the grating in the Fireroom right on one of the crew.  I believe that he got adopted by one of the guys once we got home.  That's all I can recall, but he was good for morale.  Best regards, Bob.

The following is from Lt. Young. I remember the dog that we brought back but that's about all I can offer.? Jim Schlegel who was Chief Engineer at the time might have more information or know someone who does.? I tried to avoid those "hot, noisy engineering spaces" while I was aboard ship.? Also Bob McMahan who was DCA might have some information. John

The following is from Lt. Schlegel. I can remember the breed he was a welsh corgie (spelling ?)I do remember that he dove off the bow one time when we were coming into port. I guess he saw some fish or something he thought he should try to get.   Jim Schlegel

 Below email and photo from Darl Gilliland MR2          Have sent you a picture of Snipe that I had. Brings back old memories. Thanks. I remember that he spent most of his time in the after fireroom while we were underway. I don't remember how or why he was onboard. Was he picked up while the Perry was in Naples after the collision? I came on board when the ship returned to Newport in Dec of 1965. Darl Gilliland MR2 Dec.1965 - Aug. 1969

Ralph Miller EM3(standing) and Darl Gilliland MR striker.(kneeling)