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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE  …..  Rex Carter – FT2, 1959-62;   2010 President


Greetings to the crew of the USS Newman K. Perry.  All hands who attended our recent reunion in Myrtle Beach, hosted exceptionally well by Ottice Webb and his lovely wife Mary, enjoyed it so much that we voted to return to the same place in 2010.  This is a first, as we have always moved our location each year.

We had outstanding attendance this year, thanks to the efforts of Sarah Ryals, who beat the bushes long and hard, thus giving us our best attendance ever.  Great job, Sarah!!!  The hospitality room was well stocked at all times, and monitored by John Ryals, with the ladies of the kitchen crew doing a superb job.  Well done, all.

At our business meeting, the crew elected  Carl Steiner as your new Vice President, and all other officers agreed to continue serving in their present posts. Thanks to all.

We are planning some new things for you at the 2010 reunion, so we are asking all of you to make plans to attend. Dates are now Oct 21-24, 2010, barring unforeseen circumstances. Rates, etc. are at the end of this newsletter.  Let’s make this one the best ever. We have some big shoes to fill, but with your support, it can happen.

Our newsletter editor, Leon Olson, has always done an outstanding job, but he asks for your contributions to the content. If you have any interesting "sea stories", I know he would appreciate them.

  Thanks, Leon.  …..           Rex Carter,   FTG 2  1959-62 


APRIL, 2010 NEWPORT, RI MINI-REUNION – MaryAnn (Page) Joyce


The Sixteenth Annual Mini-Reunion will be held the fourth weekend in April (23 through 25th), at the Best Western Mainstay in Newport, the same place as the last 11 years.  It is located one mile from Downtown Newport, across from the Newport Casino (formerly Jai Alai Fronton). They are supplying us with a hospitality room.  They have a restaurant and a lounge.  The quoted rate was  $80.09, a group rate (not including tax).

I will be staying at the Best Western Mainstay from Thursday, April 22 through Sunday, April 25th.  You have to make your own reservations by calling 401-849-9880. When making reservations, please mention that you are part of the Newman K. Perry group. 

The main reason for the Mini-Reunion is to get together with friends and I hope to see many of you there.  Walt and I started the Mini-Reunion in 1994 and I intend to keep it going.  We have lost a number of members over the last few years.   Please try to join us.

If you are going to come to the Reunion, please make your reservations as soon as possible.  See you there.  I look forward to seeing everyone.

Mary Ann (Page) Joyce

2009 MYRTLE BEACH, SC REUNION: ………… Ottice Webb

The shipmates of the Newman K. Perry and their ladies had a successful reunion in Myrtle Beach, S.C. over the week of October 15th thru the 18th.  We met at the Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort.

After 3 or 4 years of declining attendance, we experienced the largest crowd this year in the history of the Perry Reunions. We had a total of 130 in attendance, 64 of them being shipmates.  It was even more exciting to see 23 first time attendees and their ladies.  Once again we were graced with the presence of our Plank Owner, Jim Sanner, who put the Perry in commission in 1945.

We met for a welcome ceremony in the Convention Center, where we enjoyed delicious snacks and refreshments.  Our President, Ottice Webb, welcomed everyone and gave out information about the reunion schedules.  On Friday everyone began to enjoy the hospitality suite as we met old friends and made new acquaintances.  Sarah Ryals, our Secretary/Treasurer, had made plans to feed us with a good supply of sandwiches, snacks, and refreshing drinks.  The hospitality suite was buzzing with sea stories and shipmates searching for someone they served with 40 or 50 years ago.  For some reason, it was not always easy to put a name with a face.  The years seemed to have changed some of our looks!  

Each day the hospitality suite was well attended, and many of our people went out to explore Myrtle Beach.  The most memorable part of the whole reunion was the Alabama Theatre on Friday evening.  Our president was stressing about the schedule and getting nearly 30 automobiles to caravan to North Myrtle Beach.  It was successful and we didn’t lose a single body.  The theatre performance was wonderful, and at the end of the performance, the crew of the Newman K Perry was introduced as special guests and was applauded by a theater full of people.  It was a great evening.

Saturday afternoon, we met in the convention center for our annual business meeting, which was well attended.  The present association officers agreed to serve for another year, and Carl Steiner was elected to serve as Vice President.  Myrtle Beach was voted on for the 2010 reunion.  We will meet again in the Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort.

Saturday evening, the shipmates and their ladies put on their finery and returned to the convention center for the annual banquet. Before entering, each couple was photographed for the memory book.  Everyone was seated and enjoyed our banquet.  Afterwards we welcomed Mrs. Margaret Riddle of Asheville, NC, grand Niece of Newman Perry, for whom the ship was named.  She gave us new information about Ensign Perry and how he lost his life aboard the Gun Boat Bennington in 1905.

Raffle and door prize tickets were called, and many nice gifts were shared by everyone from the Yankee Swap.  At the end of the evening, the outgoing president handed the gavel to Rex Carter, our president for 2010.  Ottice Webb thanked everyone for their support over the last year, and said “Our success here today is a direct result of Sarah Ryals’ hard work in finding everyone”.



As my last secretarial duty for our former president Ottice Webb I want to thank YOU ALL for coming to this reunion at Myrtle Beach.  As you probably have heard it was the largest reunion ever.  OG thanks all sooooo much.

Now I move on to Rex Carter, I hope you give him the same support in 2010 and that we are able to make 2010 even bigger.  As you know we will be going back to the Sea Mist.  There will likely be a few changes but they are to our benefit.  As of right now we still have the same hospitality room; 10227.  This info will probably come out in the next Newsletter.

I would like your input as to what we can do to make the hospitality room better, i.e, what can we put on our menu next year?  Or what you thought of things this year, if you had a problem with what we did – let us know.

This was the first time I put together anything like the hospitality room.  My organizers, shoppers & kitchen help saved me.  You may have noticed I stay out of the kitchen because I am a total klutz and am likely to screw something up.  My kitchen abilities are a bit like my line dancing abilities, totally uncoordinated but hilarious.  In fact the line dancing class (in FL) sent me out to do the pool exercise class – at least if I fell I wouldn’t hurt myself.  I think there was a message there.

I will continue to shake the trees for new shipmates, but the forest is thinning.  My resources are about at the end.  If any of you have a shipmate that is not on the master roster please let me know. I will try to research and contact him via email, snail mail or phone.  Or you can have him contact me, as you all have my address and email.

Shipmates who attended the Myrtle Beach reunion are listed in this newsletter.

To those that paid their dues thanks.  To those that did not pay your dues, you have my address.  I use this money for stationary supplies, mailing info out on reunions and all that kind of stuff, donations to Tin Can Sailors and other Navy Organizations.

Again thanks to ALL of you for making this reunion so successful. – Sarah


Names and Addresses of Myrtle Beach Attendees – * indicates new attendees

*Adams, Cyril (64-66),

Anderson, Mel (56-58),

Arsenault, Rick  (65-68),

*Baron, Ed  (65-68),

Blackman, Don  (58-60),

Bonneau , Jerry (66-69),

Bozek, Ed  (61-63),

*Brasher, Cliff  (47-48),

*Caprio, Gabe  (64-66),

Cardinale, Albert  (51-52),

Carter, Rex (59-62),

Comar, Mike  (69),

Davis, Robert  (69),

*Desroches. Robert  (50-54),

*DiCamillo, Joseph  (58-61),

Diestler, Dennis  (65-67),

*Fennelly, Tim  (64-68),

Grove, Duncan  (72-74),

*Hall, Ralph  (61-62),

Hint, Larry  (64-65),

*Howland, Howie (64-66),

Hughes, Willard (61-67),

*Janssen, Bill (49-52),

*Jenkins, Johnny K.  (62-66),

Johnson, Bill  (64-68),

*Kempf , Jim (64-68),

Knotts,  Richard, 

Logan, Bob  (64-67),

*Lucas, Frank  (62-65),

Mathis, Guy  (63-67),

*McFarland, Mike  (66-62),

Midkiff, Frank  (65-68),

Miracle, Jim (60-64),

*Murphy, Charlie  (63-66),

Neitzke, Gene (47),

Newport, Dave  (64-67),

O’Brien, Dennis  (65),

Offenbach, Ken  (59-63),

Olson, Leon  (58-59),

Paddock, Fred  (65-67),

*Palmisciano, Bill  (64-67), (73-74)

Pearson, Ron  (64-66),

*Reed, Mike (65-68) 

Rivera, Ozzie (64-68),

Ryals, John  (64-67) 

*Salisbury, Jim  (6-68) 

Scanner, James  (45-46) 

Schafer, Roy  (65-69) 

Schall, Jurry  (64-66)

Schlegel, Jim (64-66) 

*Sheets (66-70) 

*Slicker, Larry  (66) 

Soluri, Tom  (61-64) 

Steffes, Walter (47-48) 

Steiner  (64-68) 

*Stricker, Rod  (73-77)

Trunko, Bill  (61-63) 

Vance, Vernon  (46-47) 

Veiga, Tony  (60-63) 

Warden, Richard ,

Webb, Ottice  (58-62) 

*White, Bill  (64-66) 

Winters, Bruce  (56-59) 

Young, John  (64-67) 


Newman K. Perry Reunion Association Business Meeting

October 2009 – Myrtle Beach – by Sarah Ryals


1.      The business meeting was opened with a welcome by Ottice Webb our NKP Association President

2.      The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present.

3.      The Secretary/Treasurer gave the financial report which was accepted by a vote.

4.      After much discussion about duties and responsibilities of the Association Officers, Ottice Webb placed the name of Carl Steiner in nomination as Vice President for 2010.  It was seconded by Tony Veiga.  Carl Steiner was elected by a majority vote.

5.      Each Officer was asked if they would serve again for 2010.  The Officers for 2010 are: 

a.      Rex Carter, President,

b.      Carl Steiner, Vice President

c.      Leon Olson, Newspaper Editor,

d.      Ken Offenbach, Master at Arms

e.      John & Sarah Ryals, Secretary/Treasurer


A vote was taken and they were approved.

6.      After much discussion, it was decided to have the 2010 Reunion again at the Sea Mist Convention Center – Myrtle Beach.  It was approved by a vote.

7.      It was again voted to make a $500 contribution to Tin Can Sailors.

8.      It was voted to order the N.K. Perry Memorial Plaque for the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C.  The first payment of $500 will be sent along with the application.

9.      In Gettysburg, we had 53 people attend there were 28 shipmates, 9 of which were first time attendees. 

10. This year 7 of the new 2008 attendees returned and we were honored to have an additional 23 new attendees with us for a total of 130 people.  28 states were represented at this reunion. 


UPDATE – Sarah Ryals

In this Newsletter you will note that we had a very large turnout and a great time at our annual reunion this past October.  Now I will take a few minutes to let those of you that have snail mail know what I have been doing since taking over the Secretary/Treasurer job in October of 2006.

My research started in June of 2007 primarily because attendance at the reunions was down, and we needed new blood, or the organization would not exist much longer.  I started with Frank Midkiff’s website, then on to  At first I had my problems, but soon I figured things out, and started getting answers.  Although email was my primary search tool, I also used snail-mail and the telephone.  I managed to get a large number of people, some of whom I had snail mail addresses for, but didn’t realize it at the time.  Wherever there is a “NKP crew list” with names and when I find a list of addresses I try to utilize them to locate anyone I can.  I have gone so far as to use the names and addresses at the back of the 1965 Med Cruise Book.  Although that book is 45 years old, I managed to get 9 email addresses, 4 snail mail addresses and 1 person who said “I don’t want to be bothered”. 

Now for the object of all this research – the postage has gone up so much I am trying to get as many email addresses as possible in order to cut down the cost of postage.  So, I am asking all of you that DO have an email address to please email me at so I can add you to my email list.  I would also appreciate it if you would send me your snail mail address.  I try to keep an accurate list of shipmates for those that only have snail mail.  I will send you the Newsletter, and a copy of my Excel files of shipmates’ names and addresses, and whatever information that is sent out. These rosters are sorted alphabetically by name, state, and date, as much as I can.  Since I am the Secretary/Treasurer of this association, I am the point of contact and will do whatever I can to answer your questions.  There are many of you, only one of me.  If I don’t get back to you in a reasonable time ask me again. 

I would also like to urge you to send your email address to Frank Midkiff’s website so he may add it to his email roster.  He needs YOU to email him with your address, NOT ME.  He will NOT add your name without you emailing him, because his list is on the internet and accessible by anyone.  My list is not published. When you email Frank you should include your name, rank, and time on the NKP.

While I am on the subject of locating shipmates if you are in contact anyone that I may not have on my email list or snail-mail list, please let me know.  Please provide as much information as possible to make locating people as easy as possible.  Everyone’s help is necessary to keep this organization alive for as long as possible.

The first year of my research, expenses were minimal, a little copy paper, print cartridges, and a few stamps, so I absorbed the cost.  Now in my second year I am sending out shipmate rosters, post cards, snail-mail letters, and buying paper, print cartridges and stamps so I cannot absorb this cost.  Along with my expenses we send an annual contribution to Tin Can Sailors.  This year we are making our first contribution to the US Navy Commemorative Plaque Program in Washington, D.C. and over the next five years we will have to make yearly installments. 

If you would like to continue receiving the Newsletter, and would like to receive the shipmate roster via snail- mail we would appreciate you sending in your dues.  They are only $20/year.  My address is on the front of the newsletter.  Finally you will find the information for the 2010 reunion in this Newsletter.  As I said in 2009, we had a good turnout, with about eight returning shipmates, and 23 first time attendees.  There was a lot of hot air flying around with “those great navy stories” a lot of food, and a wonderful night at the Alabama Theater, so please check things out for 2010.  We will be at the same place on Oct. 21-24, 2010.  If you need any information, or have any questions either e-mail me, call, or send me a snail mail.  As I said my address is on the front of this Newsletter.

Another point of information is – for the past 2 winters John and I have been in Naples, FL and have put together a small very informal get-together.  It is basically a sit and gab thing, then order pizza or go out to a local restaurant.  If any of you are interested please let me know.  Again, I can be reached either via snail mail or e-mail. 

TAPS -  May our departed shipmates rest in honored peace.

Allen, Ray (69-70)

Anderson, Robert

Bailey, Richard (65-66)

Botello, Adan (65)

Costello, Dan (50-51)

Cottom, Robert  (66-68) 

Hayes, Robert (45)

Keenan, Robert (45-46)

Kuelper, Arthur (45-51)

Libhart, Wayne

Liford, John (47)

Smith, Thomas (62-65)

Thurman, Bill

Vatick, Parker (64-65)


Reservations for the Sea Mist Hotel must be made by each attendee, by calling 1-800-200-8687.  Let the reservations clerk know that you will be attending the USS Newman K. Perry reunion.  You will receive instructions regarding deposit required, choice of rooms (i.e. smoking, non-smoking, etc.) and you will receive a confirmation number.

You will have two options, the Tides building, and the Driftwood building.  The Tides building will have oceanfront rooms, and the Driftwood building will have side rooms which are a little cheaper.  Everything else will be the same, except for the Sat. night banquet, which will be in the ballroom this year.


The rates are:


Tides King/Studio – Single             $308.45

Tides King/Studio – Double                        $427.06

Driftwood Single                               $298.28

Driftwood Double                             $416.89


Each reunion attendee will receive the following:

3 nights oceanfront lodging

Breakfast buffet each day, for each person, during the reunion dates

Hospitality room with coffee and snacks

Welcome reception Thursday night with snacks

Tickets to a theater on Friday evening for each person

Formal banquet on Saturday night with cash bar


NKP clothing; Caps, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. -  Jerry & Janice Bonneau:

Phone (voice and fax) ¼ (256) 659-6887   Email:



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