Taken leaving Naples enroute collision with USS Shangri-la (CVA=38) 115 nautical miles southwest . 

I was on bridge looking up at CH-46 chopper which took the picture. Lt.Gabriel P Caprio USN  1964 - 1966


Anchored off Antigua, British West Indies  February 1966.  Taken from the PERRY's Motor Whale Boat by Lt. Gabriel P. Caprio USN  1964 - 1966


Taken on March 2, 1965 in Boston Harbor heading out to sea. That starboard equip room is the biggest thing setting NKP apart from other FRAMs. Others had the SPS-37a air search but I couldn't find any others with that elongated starboard space.  Lt. Gabriel P. Caprio USN  1964 -1966


Taken after March 1966 I believe.  Lt. Gabriel P. Caprio USN  1964 - 1966


Drydock in Naples, Italy September or October 1965  Taken by Lt. Gabriel P. Caprio USN  1964 - 1966


This was taken in the late seventies (77 or 78 probably)  The Perry had been sent to a shipyard in East Boston.  After a bit they sent us to this dry dock which was located in South Boston.  I remember them telling us that this dry dock once housed the Queen Mary with only inches to spare.  As you can see by this photo we had plenty of room.     

Chris Gimm  STG 3


This photo was taken in the late Seventies.  It is the USS Newman K.
Perry tied up in her home port of Newport Rhode Island with the USS Edson
alongside.       Chris Gimm  STG3

Perry pulling into New York City in the 1950's - Picture provided by John Bukowski

PERRY as she was in 1953       Photo is from Jim Rath