These photos were submitted by David Marlow MR2.  Below is copied from his e-mail describing what they are about.
DD883 at a pier in Newport Rhode Island with a severe list (I believe it was 1973 or 74).  The reason for the list is we were cruising off Florida and I was on the mid watch on the throttle in the after engine room in stormy weather.  All of a sudden it sounded like we went over a bunch of rocks so I called the bridge, asked them what the heck was that, they said we had hit a wave about 40 feet high.  The next morning the first class said pump out the bilges, then he came back in the afternoon and said "I thought I told you guys to pump out the bilges" we did, ohoh I think we have a leak.  Everyone started to look around and we found the hull had a split about a foot long behind one of the wire ways below the water line.  So we did some damage control, went back to Newport, Listed the ship over so the split was out of the water and some welders from our reserve crew welded a patch over it.  Myself and Ensign Klein went out in the whale boat and took these pictures.  People were calling up the navy base when they saw the ship listing, they thought it was sinking.