On The Crew Pages Will Be Pictures Of Crew Members, Whenever Possible Then & Now  and The Dates They Served.

"NEWMAN K PERRY (DD 883) was remembered by many of us to be our best tour, personnel wise, that we've had in the Navy!  It was my first assignment!  I was never quite able to duplicate that experience, though I tried on several of my following ships!  A unique time, with unique people".     ( Statement by Thomas Sego CDR/USN (Ret) referring to himself and his fellow officers.  CDR Sego served aboard the PERRY from 10/66 - 9/69 )


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         Fred Dreher  STG2                  Jack Simpson  STG2  

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       John Avallone   GMG3            Frank Midkiff   GMG2


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Ray Nottingham, Bill Rains, Mike McFarland     Gerald Bessler RMC  66-67              

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   Frank Midkiff & Jim Ferrell 1967       Frank Midkiff & Jim Ferrell 2000

Frank Midkiff


  Ozzie Rivera   10/64 - 5/68                 Ozzie Rivera & Luis Rios


   Tom Sego  CMDR. USN (Ret)           Lt. John Young & CMDR Tom Sego             


   P. McPhearson & Brownlee - Nam          Gabe Caprio Lt. USN  64-66


  John Young Lt.jg  & Gabe Caprio Lt.             Doug Butler and O'Day